Cavesson Soft Feel

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The Softfeel Cavesson from Deuber is made of very high quality leather. The cavesson is anatomically shaped, light and supple without reinforcement in the noseband. The D-rings on the side allow the attachment of a bit. The Softfeel cavesson is very nice for sensitive horses due to the softly padded noseband and headpiece. The adjustment options ensure that the cavesson can be made to measure for almost all types / sizes of horses & ponies.


The Softfeel cavesson from Deuber is indispensable for handwork, lunging and riding. The Softfeel cavesson is anatomically shaped and has a soft padded noseband and headpiece which ensures that the pressure on the nose and behind the ears is significantly reduced.


It is a bitless bridle with 3 rings on the nose. The rings on the cavesson provide a clean effect from the nasal bone, making the longitudinal bend and the forward-downward tendency easier to obtain in training.

The cavesson is mainly used in classical horsemanship and academic horsemanship. Traditionally, the cavesson has been used in the training of the (young) horse. The mouth is thus spared and the horse is given the opportunity to reduce its skewness, improve its balance and grow in strength.

The D-rings on the side of the cavesson make adding the bit (easily) possible. Ideal for young horses to make the transition to the bit smooth and useful when you want to combine work in hand and riding, for example. Then you don't have to change material.


Brand: Deuber

Color: Dark brown with black underlay or black with dark brown underlay

Material: Leather

Size: One size (suitable for pony - cob - full) 


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