(Starter) set work in hand


(Starter) set for work in hand consisting of a Cavesson Equyer and Dressage reins


The Cavesson Equyer - Deuber is made of high quality leather. It's perfect for hand work, lunging and riding. The cavesson has 3 rings on the nose. The rings provide a clean effect from the nasal bone, making the bending and the forward-down tendency easier to achieve in the training.

The cavesson is mainly used in classical horsemanship and academic horsemanship.


Brand: Deuber

Color: Black or brown

Material: Leather

Size: One size


The dressage rein is a round rein of 14 mm rope. Fits very nicely in the hand due to its own weight

The reins have a length of 2.80M and are perfect for riding and handwork.


Available in the colors black and gold


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