(Starter) set double lunge
  (Starter) set for double lunge consisting of a rope halter (one size) and double long lines (2x 7 meters)   Double long lines: 2 long lines (12mm and 7 meters long) of good quality. The lines have a solid core and sufficie ... (Read More)
€ 85,00 € 72,25 2
(Starter) set groundwork
  (Starter) set for groundwork consisting of a rope halter + matching leadrope.   Rope halter is one size (from small pony to large horse) Leadrope is 4 meters   It's also possible to have the leadrope i ... (Read More)
€ 50,00 From € 42,50 2
(Starter) set trailer loading
  (Starter) set for trailer loading consisting of trailer lines (8M), leadrope (4M) and rope halter (One size)   The trailer lines are specially made for trailer loading and have sufficient length, own weight and a sturdy cl ... (Read More)
€ 130,00 € 110,50 2
(Starter) set work in hand
  (Starter) set for work in hand consisting of a Cavesson Equyer and Dressage reins   The Cavesson Equyer - Deuber is made of high quality leather. It's perfect for hand work, lunging and riding. The cavesson has 3 rings on ... (Read More)
€ 150,00 From € 127,50 2